GM Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac/Full-Size 1975-1990 Repair Guide

Ignition Module



  1. Mark the high tension wires. Then, carefully disconnect each from the distributor cap. Squeeze the latches together and then disconnect the connector that runs from the cap to the distributor base.
  3. Use a large, flat bladed prybar to first depress and then rotate the wire type latch away from the underside of the distributor on either side. Remove the cap.
  5. Carefully note the colors of the two leads. Mark them, if necessary. Then disconnect them.
  7. Remove the two module attaching screws and pull the module upward and out, being careful not to disturb the grease, if the module may be re-used.

To install:

The module is mounted via a thick layer of grease. This grease is analogous to the coolant in an engine. It carries intense heat away from the module. Make sure to coat the lower surface of the module, as well as the mounting surface in the distributor with the grease included in the packed with the new module if the module is replaced. Make sure not to disturb the old grease layer on the old module if it is to be re-used. Failure to do this will cause the module to fail prematurely!

  1. Remount the module, connect the leads in the proper order, tighten the retaining screws and reinstall the distributor cap.