GM Cadillac 1967-1989 Repair Guide

PCV Filter



  1. Slide the rubber coupling that joins the tube coming from the valve cover to the filter off the filter nipple. Then, remove the top of the air clearer. Slide the spring clamp off the filter, and remove the filter. See illustration in Routine Maintenance .
  3. Inspect the rubber grommet in the valve cover and the rubber coupling for brittleness and cracking. Replace parts as necessary.
  5. Insert the new PCV filter through the hole in the air cleaner with the open portion of the filter upward (See illustration in Routine Maintenance ). Make sure that the square portion of filter behind the nipple fits into the (square) hole in the air cleaner.
  7. Install a new spring clamp onto the nipple. Make sure the clamp goes under the ridge on the filter nipple all the way around. Then, reconnect the rubber coupling and install the air cleaner cover.