GM Cadillac Deville_Fleetwood_ELD_Seville 1990-1998

Alternator Precautions


To prevent damage to the alternator and regulator, the following precautionary measures must be taken when working with the electrical system.

Never reverse the battery connections. Always check the battery polarity visually. This is to be done before any connections are made to ensure that all of the connections correspond to the battery ground polarity of the vehicle.
Booster batteries must be connected properly. Make sure the positive cable of the booster battery is connected to the positive terminal of the battery that is getting the boost.
Disconnect the battery cables before using a fast charger; the charger has a tendency to force current though the diodes in the opposite direction for which they were designed.
Make sure the ignition switch is "OFF" when connecting or disconnecting any electrical component, especially when equipped with an on-board computer control system.
NEVER attempt to polarize an alternator.
Never disconnect the voltage regulator while the engine is running, unless directed to do so for testing purposes.
Disconnect the battery if any welding is to be done on the vehicle.
Do not short one terminal to another or short any terminal to ground from the alternator.