GM Camaro 1967-1981 Repair Guide

Neutral Safety Switch



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Fig. Fig. 1: Typical neutral safety switch mounting for floor shift and column shift equipped models

The neutral safety switch prevents the engine from being started in any transmission position except Neutral or Park. The switch is located on the upper side of the steering column under the instrument panel on column shift cars, and inside the shift console on floor shift models.

  1. Remove the console for access on floor shift models.
  3. Disengage the electrical connectors.
  5. Remove the neutral safety switch.
  7. Place 1967-70 column shift lever models in Drive, and 1971 and later models in Neutral. Locate the lever tang against the transmission selector plate on column shift models. Place 1967 through early 1972 floor shift models in Drive, and mid-1972 and later models in Park.
  9. Align the slot in the contact support with the hole in the switch. Insert a 3 / 32 diameter drill bit or pin through the hole. The switch is now aligned in Drive position.

1973 and later neutral safety switches have a shear-pin installed to aid in proper switch alignment so that insertion of a pin is unnecessary. Moving the shift lever from Neutral shears the pin.

  1. Place the contact support drive slot over the drive tang. Install the switch mounting screws.
  3. Remove the aligning pin. Connect the electrical wiring, and replace the console.
  5. Set the parking brake and hold your foot on the service brake pedal. Check to see that the engine will start only in Park or Neutral.