GM Camaro 1967-1981 Repair Guide



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Fig. Fig. 1: All 1967-81 Camaro models utilize rear leaf springs-unlike all other models, only the 1967 model is equipped with rear monoleaf springs

In 1967, Camaro used a pair of single leaf springs and two shock absorbers each mounted to the spring seat. The 1967 models had problems with rear axle hop during periods of hard acceleration. To prevent this hop, Chevrolet relocated the shock absorbers on later Camaros. On all 1968 and later Camaros, the right shock is mounted in front of the axle while the left shock is mounted behind the axle.

The rear axle assembly is attached to multi-leaf springs by "U" bolts. The spring front eyes are attached to the frame at the front hangers, through rubber bushings. The rear ends of the springs are attached to the frame by the use of shackles which allow the spring to "change its length" while the vehicle is in motion. Control arms are not used with leaf springs.