GM Camaro 1967-1981 Repair Guide



Camaros have recirculating ball type steering. Forces are transmitted from a worm to a sector gear through ball bearings. Relay type steering linkage is used with a pitman arm connected to one end of the relay rod (centerlink). The other end of the relay rod is connected to an idler arm, which is attached to the frame. The relay rod is connected to the steering arms by two adjustable tie rods. All Camaros are equipped with a collapsible steering column designed to collapse on impact, thereby reducing possible chest injuries during accidents. When making any repairs to the steering column or steering wheel, excessive pressure or force capable of collapsing the column must be avoided. Beginning in 1969, the ignition lock, ignition switch, and an anti-theft system were built into each column. The key cannot be removed unless the transmission is in "Park" (automatic) or Reverse (manual) with the switch in the "Lock" position. Placing the lock in the "Lock" position activates a rod within the column, which locks the steering wheel and shift lever. On floor-shift models, a back drive linkage between the floorshift and the column produces the same effect.