GM Camaro 1982-1992 Repair Guide




See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: Front end sheet metal

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Fig. Fig. 2: Hood removal

  1. Open the hood and mark the position of the hood hinge assembly-to-hood by a scribe, chalk or paint.
  3. Remove the hood attaching bolts that are towards the front of the hood.
  5. Slowly loosen the remaining hood attaching bolts.
  7. With the aid of a helper, remove the bolts and remove the hood. Place the hood on a protected surface.
  9. Position the hood over the hood hinge assembly with the aid of a helper and install the hood attaching bolts finger tight.
  11. Align the hood to the matchmarks made earlier and tighten the hood attaching bolts.
  13. Close the hood and check align.


See Figure 3

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Fig. Fig. 3: Hood alignment

Slotted holes are provided at all hood hinge attaching points for proper adjustment - both vertically and fore-and-aft. Vertical adjustments at the front may be made by adjusting the rubber bumpers up and down.

To adjust the hood fore-and-aft move the hood forward or rearward until the hood clearances are equal and as specified in the illustration. If the hood is not properly coming into adjustment then the body panels may also need to be adjusted. To achieve the best results set the hood to any existing marks and make adjustments one at a time.