GM Camaro 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Speedometer, Tachometer and Gauges


Federal law requires that the odometer in any replacement speedometer/odometer must register the same mileage as that registered on the removed speedometer/odometer. Service replacement speedometer/odometers and odometer modules with the mileage preset to actual vehicle mileage are available through the dealer. In nearly all cases, the mileage continues to accumulate in the odometer memory even if the odometer does not display mileage. This mileage can usually be verified by the dealer. Contact the dealer for instructions to receive a replacement speedometer/odometer with preset mileage. If the actual vehicle mileage cannot be verified, the dealer will supply a speedometer/odometer with a display set to zero miles. In addition, an odometer mileage sticker is supplied with the replacement odometer. The sticker must display the estimated vehicle mileage and is to be affixed to the driver's door.


  1. The gauges can be removed from the cluster assembly by:
    1. Removing the cluster lens.
    3. Removing the printed circuit board from the back of the cluster.
    5. Removing the gauge attaching screws.

  3. Installation is the reverse of removal.