GM Camaro 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Inside Rear View Mirror



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Fig. Fig. 1: Locating the bonded area on the windshield

The rear view mirror is attached to a support which is secured to the windshield glass. This support is installed by the glass supplier using a plastic-polyvinyl butyl adhesive.

Service replacement windshield glass has the mirror support bonded to the glass assembly. To install a detached mirror support or install a new part, the following items are needed:

Part No. 1052369, Loctite® Minute-Bond Adhesive 312 two component pack or equivalent
Original mirror support (prepared per Steps 4 and 5 of the installation procedure) or replacement rear view mirror support
Wax marking pencil or crayon
Rubbing alcohol
Clean paper towels
Fine grit emery cloth or sandpaper (No. 320 or No. 360)
Clean toothpick
Six-lobed socket bit.

  1. Determine the rear view mirror support position on the windshield. Support is to be located at the center of the glass 27 1 / 8 in. (69cm) from the base of the glass to the base of the support.
  3. Mark the location on the outside of the glass with wax pencil or crayon. Make a larger diameter circle around the mirror support circle on the outside of the glass surface.
  5. On the inside of the glass surface, clean the large circle with a paper towel and domestic scouring cleanser, glass cleaning solution or polishing compound. Rub until the area is completely clean and dry. When dry, clean the area with an alcohol saturated paper towel to remove any traces of scouring powder or cleaning solution from this area.
  7. With a piece of fine grit (No. 320 or No. 360) emery cloth or sandpaper, sand the bonding surface of the new rear view mirror support or factory installed support. If original rear view mirror support is to be reused, all traces of the factory installed adhesive must be removed prior to reinstallation.
  9. Wipe the sanded mirror support with a clean paper towel saturated with alcohol and allow it to dry.
  11. Follow the directions on the manufacturer's kit to prepare the rear view mirror support prior to installation on the glass.
  13. Properly position the support to its premarked location, with rounded end pointed upward, press the support against the glass for 30-60 seconds, exerting steady pressure against the glass. After five minutes, any excess adhesive may be removed with an alcohol moistened paper towel or glass cleaning solution.
  15. Install the mirror.