GM Caprice 1990-1993 Repair Guide

Fluid Pan


See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: THM 200-4R transmission pan identification

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Fig. Fig. 2: Hydra-Matic 4L60 (formerly 700R4) transmission pan identification

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Fig. Fig. 3: Replacing the transmission filter, pan gasket and filter neck seal - Hydra-Matic 4L60


To remove the oil pan which has been installed with sealant, refer to the oil pan removal section of Routine Maintenance . The fluid should be changed with the transmission warm. A 20 minute drive at highway speeds should accomplish this.

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Safely support the transmission and remove the transmission crossmember, as required.
  3. Place a large pan under the transmission pan. Remove all the front and side pan bolts. Loosen the rear bolts about four turns.
  5. Tap the pan loose with a rubber mallet and let the pan drain.
  7. Remove the pan and gasket. Clean the pan thoroughly with solvent and air dry it. Be very careful not to get any lint from rags in the pan.
  9. Remove the filter and filter neck seal.
  11. Install a new filter and seal.
  13. Reinstall the pan with a new gasket. Torque the pan bolts to 97 inch lbs. (11 Nm) on the 200-4R or 12 ft. lbs. (16 Nm) on the 4L60 transmission.
  15. Lower the car. Add Dexron® II automatic transmission fluid through the fill tube.
  17. Start the engine in Park and let it idle. Do not race the engine. Shift into each shift lever position, shift back into Park, and check the fluid level on the dipstick. The level should be 1 / 4 in. below ADD. Be very careful not to overfill. Recheck the level after the car has been driven long enough to thoroughly warm up the transmission. Add fluid as necessary. The level should then be at FULL.