GM Caprice 1990-1993 Repair Guide

Body Lubrication


Transmission Shift Linkage

Lubricate the manual transmission shift linkage contact points with the EP grease used for chassis greasing, which should meet GM specification 6031M. The automatic transmission linkage should be lubricated with clean engine oil.

Hood Latch and Hinges

Clean the latch surfaces and apply clean engine oil to the latch pilot bolts and the spring anchor. Use the engine oil to lubricate the hood hinges as well. Use a chassis grease to lubricate all the pivot points in the latch release mechanism.

Door Hinges

The gas tank filler door, car door, and rear hatch or trunk lid hinges should be wiped clean and lubricated with clean engine oil. Silicone spray also works well on these parts, but must be applied more often. Use engine oil to lubricate the trunk or hatch lock mechanism and the lock bolt and striker. The door lock cylinders can be lubricated easily with a shot of silicone spray or one of the many dry penetrating lubricants commercially available.

Parking Brake Linkage

Use chassis grease on the parking brake cable where it contacts the guides, links, levers, and pulleys. The grease should be a water resistant one for durability under the car.

Accelerator Linkage

Lubricate the throttle cable stud, throttle lever, and the accelerator pedal lever at the support inside the car with clean engine oil.