GM Cavalier/Sunbird/Skyhawk/Firenza 1982-1994

Trunk Lid



2 and 4-Door Sedans

See Figure 1

The trunk lid hinge is welded to the body and bolts to the lid.

  1. Prop the trunk lid open and place protective coverings over the rear compartment to protect the paint from damage.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Trunk lid-to-hinge attachment

  1. Matchmark the location of the hinge-to-trunk lid bolts, then detach the electrical connections and wiring from the lid (if equipped).
  3. Using an assistant (to support the lid), unfasten the hinge-to-lid bolts, then remove the lid from the vehicle.
  5. To install, reverse the removal procedures. Adjust the position of the trunk lid to the body.


Fore and aft adjustment of the lid assembly is controlled by the hinge-to-lid attaching bolts. To adjust the lid, loosen the hinge-to-lid attaching bolts and shift the lid to the desired position, then tighten the bolts. To increase opening assist, use tool J-211412-1 or equivalent and move the torque rods one step toward the rear of the vehicle. To decrease opening assist, move the torque rods one step toward the front of the vehicle.