GM Cavalier/Sunbird/Skyhawk/Firenza 1982-1994

Steering Linkage



Tie Rod Ends

See Figure 1

  1. Loosen both pinch bolts at the outer tie rod.
  3. Remove the tie rod end from the strut assembly using a suitable removal tool.
  5. Unscrew the outer tie rod end from the tie rod adjuster, counting the number of revolutions required before they are disconnected.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Tie rod end removal and installation

To install:
  1. Install the new tie rod end, screwing it on the same number of revolutions as counted in Step 3. When the tie rod end is installed, the tie rod adjuster must be centered between the tie rod and the tie rod end, with an equal number of threads exposed on both sides of the adjuster nut. Tighten the pinch bolts to 20 ft. lbs. (27 Nm).
  3. Install the tie rod end to the strut assembly and tighten to 50 ft. lbs. If the cotter pin cannot be installed, tighten the nut up to 1 / 6 or a turn further. Never back off the nut to align the holes for the cotter pin.
  5. Have the front end alignment checked or adjusted.