GM Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-2000 Repair Guide

Coolant Level Switch



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Fig. Fig. 1: The coolant level switch is located on the underside of the coolant recovery (surge) tank

The coolant level switch is located on the bottom side of the coolant recovery tank. The switch contains a reed switch and a magnetic float. When the coolant level is normal, the float rests away from the reed switch, causing the switch to be open. When the coolant level decreases in the coolant recovery tank below a specified level, the float rests on the reed switch and the switch closes, illuminating the LOW COOLANT light.


Before testing the coolant level switch, make sure there is a sufficient amount of coolant in the recovery tank. If the coolant level is low, refill the tank with the proper amount of coolant.

  1. Unplug the coolant level switch.
  3. With the key ON , and the engine OFF , use a test light connected to ground and connect the probe end of the test light to the signal circuit.
  5. If the wiring, PCM, and Instrument panel are ok, the LOW COOLANT light should light up.
  7. If the LOW COOLANT light is illuminated, replace the switch.


The coolant level switch is a part of the coolant recovery tank. If the switch needs to be replaced, the coolant recovery tank must be replaced.