GM Celebrity/Century/Ciera/6000 1982-1996 Repair Guide

Service Interval Reminder Light



If equipped, the SERVICE REMINDER section of the driver information center (DIC) display shows how many miles remain until service is needed. When the RESET button is pressed twice, a type of service and number of miles remaining until the service is needed will be displayed. Each time the RESET button is pressed, another type of service and mile remaining for it will be displayed.

With the ignition switch in the RUN, BULB, TEST or START position, voltage is applied from the ECM/PCM fuse through a pink/black wire to the ECM/PCM. As the vehicle moves the speed sensor sends pulses to the ECM/PCM. The ECM/PCM then sends signals to the speed input of the DIC module. The DIC module converts these pulses to miles. The module then subtracts the miles travelled from the distance on the DIC display. All four types of service can be displayed at the same time.

To reset the service light it will be necessary to subtract the mileage from the service interval light that is illuminated. The miles remaining for a certain type of service can be decreased by holding the RESET button, and the miles remaining will be decreased in steps of 500 miles (805 km) every 5 seconds. If the RESET button is held in and the miles remaining reach zero, the DIC display will show the service interval for the service selected. The service intervals are: oil filter and change 7500 miles (12,077 km), next oil filter 15,000 miles (24,155 km), tire rotation 7500 miles (12,077 km), next rotation 15,000 miles (24,155 km), tune-up 30,000 miles (48,309 km).

If the RESET button is still held down, the miles will decrease in steps of 500 miles (805 km) from the service interval. When the RESET button is released, the mileage display will be the new distance until the service should be performed.

When the service distance reaches zero, the service reminder item will be displayed. If the service interval is reset within 10 miles (16 km), the display will go out immediately. If more than 10 miles pass before the service interval is reset, the item will remain displayed for another 10 miles before going out.

On some models it may be necessary to depress the SYSTEM RECALL button in order to display the service interval light on the driver information center.