GM Celebrity/Century/Ciera/6000 1982-1996 Repair Guide



A Front Wheel Drive (FWD) rear suspension consists of a solid rear axle tube containing an integral, welded-in stabilizer bar, coil springs, shock absorbers, a lateral track bar, and trailing arms. The trailing arms (control arms) are welded to the axle, and pivot at the frame. Fore-and-aft movement is controlled by the trailing arms; lateral movement is controlled by the track bar. A permanently lubricated and sealed hub and bearing assembly is bolted to each end of the axle tube, it is a non-adjustable unit which must be replaced as an assembly if defective.

The All Wheel Drive (AWD) rear suspension features a lightweight fiberglass transverse leaf spring which is mounted to the rear of the cradle. Other rear suspension components include struts, control arms, toe links, and a stabilizer bar. These components are all serviceable. The control arms, leaf springs and struts oppose the torque reaction on acceleration and braking and provides optimum handling. Each rear wheel has a spindle, a hub and bearing assembly, along with a knuckle which attaches to the outboard end of the control arm.