GM Century/Lumina/Grand Prix/Intrigue 1997-2000

Windshield Washer Pump


When the washer switch is held ON, battery voltage is applied to the wiper motor cover assembly. The park switch is energized and the cover assembly circuitry turns on the washer pump and wiper motor. The cover assembly circuitry turns the wiper motor off approximately six seconds after it interrupts power to the washer pump. If the wipers had been in DELAY, LO or HI, they will return to that operation after the wash cycle.


The washer pump is mounted to the windshield washer fluid reservoir. On various models, the fluid reservoir may be mounted on either the driver's side or the passenger's side of the engine compartment. Depending on the shape of the reservoir, it may be possible to remove the pump with the reservoir left in place. If the washer reservoir must be removed to service the pump, in nearly all cases, there is a diagonal steel brace running over top of the reservoir that must be removed before the reservoir can be removed.

  1. Detach the electrical connector from the pump.
  3. Disconnect the washer hose from the pump.

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Fig. Most windshield washer pumps are mounted on the washer fluid reservoir

  1. The pump is retained by a grommet. Pull the top of the washer pump from the side of the washer solvent reservoir.
  3. Installation is the reverse of the removal process. Use care if installing the diagonal brace. On the assembly line, hardened self-tapping screws were used. Use care not to cross-thread the bolts at installation, stripping the threads in the body. Oil the bolt threads and hand start. The brace should have at least some of the holes elongated to allow some adjustment. Make sure all the bolts turn down relatively easily before final tightening.