GM Chevy Mid-Size Cars 1964-1988 Repair Guide

Trunk Lid



See Figure 1

The trunk lid hinge is usually welded to the body and then bolted to the lid.

  1. Open the trunk lid and place protective coverings over the rear fenders (to protect the paint from damage).
  3. Mark the location of the hinge-to-trunk lid bolts to ease installation.
  5. If equipped, disengage the electrical connections and wiring from the lid.
  7. With the help of an assistant (to support the lid), remove the hinge-to-lid bolts, then carefully lift the lid from the vehicle.

To install:
  1. With the aid of the assistant, carefully lift the lid and position it on the hinges, then loosely install the retaining bolts to hold it on the hinges.
  3. Align the lid and hinges using the matchmarks made earlier, then tighten the retaining bolts.
  5. If equipped, engage the electrical connectors and wiring to the lid.
  7. Check and adjust the position of the trunk lid to the body, as necessary.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The trunk lid is usually attached to the hinges using retaining bolts


The trunk lid can be aligned by loosening the hinge-to-lid bolts and shifting the lid into position. Only a small amount of adjustment is usually possible with the trunk lid. If greater adjustment is necessary, the bolt holes in the lid will have to be elongated. Before attempting this, verify there are no other repairable causes of misalignment. Trunk lid alignment problems are often the result of other rear body parts being misaligned, possibly from an old accident.

When adjusting the hinge/latch-to-body positions, be sure to use alignment marks as reference points.