GM Chevy Mid-Size Cars 1964-1988 Repair Guide

Push Starting


This is the least recommended method of starting a car and should be used only in an extreme case. Chances of body damage are high, so be sure that the pushcar's bumper does not override your bumper. If your Chevrolet has an automatic transmission it cannot be push started. In an emergency, you can start a manual transmission car by pushing. With the bumpers evenly matched, get in your car, switch on the ignition, and place the gearshift in Second or Third gear. Do not engage the clutch. Start off slowly. When the speed of the car reaches about 15-20 mph, release the clutch.

When using a pushcar to get your vehicle rolling, it is also advisable to have the driver of the pushcar brake and let your car roll away from the push vehicle before you release the clutch. This will prevent the pushcar from rear-ending you should your car buck, not start or should you hit the brake for any reason.