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GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide

Corvette Brake System


1963-64 Corvettes are equipped with four-wheel drum brakes. These are hydraulically operated, self-adjusting, and feature double-piston wheel cylinders. Three brake options were available with the drum system. Power brakes featured a Moraine vacuum assist master cylinder and were the first power brakes ever offered on the Corvette. The second option was the standard drums (honed to a 20 micro-inch finish and equipped with special heat resistant springs) and metallic linings for more fade resistance. The third option was intended for heavy-duty or competition usage. These cerametallic linings were larger and the drums were finned and scooped.

In 1965, the four-wheel disc brake system was introduced. This system includes a fixed caliper, rotating vented disc, and four-piston pad actuation. A heavy-duty, optional disc brake system was available for special purposes on 1965-75 vehicles. A different front caliper, brake pad, and brake line pressure regulator are used. Heavy-duty brake calipers are easily recognized by the two, pad retaining pins instead of the standard brake's single pin.

When servicing wheel brake parts, do not create dust by grinding or sanding brake linings or by cleaning wheel brake parts with a dry brush or with compressed air. (A water dampened cloth should be used.) Many wheel brake parts contain asbestos fibers which can become airborne if dust is created during servicing. Breathing dust containing asbestos fibers may cause serious bodily harm.