GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide




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Fig. Fig. 1: Thread the proper sized bolts into the camshaft, then carefully withdraw it from the cylinder block

  1. Remove the radiator and shroud. Remove the fan and fan pulley.
  3. Use a gear puller to remove the harmonic balancer.
  5. Remove the oil pan, water pump, and the timing chain cover.
  7. On the top of the engine, remove the battery cables, carburetor(s)/fuel injection unit, (on 1982 models, remove the TBI units and the TBI mounting plate as an assembly), distributor shielding, and distributor. Be sure to mark the distributor so that it will not be necessary to retime the engine.
  9. When the intake manifold has been cleared of obstructions, remove it to expose the valve lifters.
  11. Cover the open area and remove the fuel pump and pushrod.
  13. Remove the rocker arm covers and rocker arms and withdraw the pushrods and lifters. Keep the pushrods and lifters in order so that they can be returned to their original positions.
  15. Remove the grille, timing chain, and camshaft sprocket.
  17. Loosen the engine side mount through bolts and jack up the front of the engine slightly. This is necessary for the camshaft to clear the radiator brace.
  19. Run two 5 / 16 - 18 X 4 in. bolts into the camshaft from the engine. Do not rotate the crankshaft until the camshaft has been replaced and the sprocket and chain correctly installed and aligned. Alignment procedures are the same as those shown within the previous Timing Chain replacement procedure.
  21. Reverse the operation to complete the replacement. Lubricate the cam and lifters with E.O.S. additive before installation. Make an initial and final valve adjustment as previously described.


Completely clean the camshaft with solvent, paying special attention to cleaning the oil holes. Visually inspect the cam lobes and bearing journals for excessive wear. If a lobe is questionable, have the cam checked at a reputable machine shop; if a journal or lobe is worn, the camshaft must be reground or replaced. Also have the camshaft checked for straightness on a dial indicator.

If a cam journal is worn, there is a good chance that the bushings are worn.