GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide

Door Glass



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: View of the door glass, channel and related components

  1. Remove the door trim panel, as outlined in this section.
  3. If equipped, remove the window anti-rattle cushions.
  5. Position all the way up to line up with the two sash screws through the access holes.
  7. Remove the two sash screws on the horizontal guide channel while holding the nuts with your other hand.
  9. Disengage the stop by removing the screw at the top of the channel assembly.
  11. Adjust the front and rear channel assemblies to the extreme outboard position to allow ample clearance for window removal.
  13. Carefully pull the window upward making certain to clear the roller assemblies through the opening in the inner door panel.

To install:

If replacement glass is necessary, disassemble the two pads and fasteners, and the frame assembly by removing the three mounting bolts through the glass. Mount the frame assembly and pads onto the new glass before installing the glass into the door.

  1. Insert the glass in the door pocket with the convex curvature towards the outside of the vehicle.
  3. Install and tighten the two sash bolt and nut assemblies through the horizontal guide channel and glass frame.
  5. Adjust the front and rear guide channels to the proper in and out position.
  7. Install the anti-rattle cushions (if equipped) and the door trim panel.


See Figure 2

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Fig. Fig. 2: Door glass adjustment points

In order to perform any of the following adjustments, the door trim panel must be removed. If a complete door window adjustment is necessary, fully adjust by using the following adjustment procedures, in order.

Window Tilted

Loosen the two bolts (A) and adjust by rotating the glass until a constant distance is gained between the front edge of the glass and the windshield pillar. Retighten the bolts (A).

Window Rolls Up Too Far

Loosen the front and rear stop screws (B). Roll the glass up until it properly seated in the roof weather strip. Move the front and rear stops until they contact the window rollers. Retighten the screws (B).

Gap Between Window Forward Edge and Windshield Pillar Incorrect

Loosen the three bolts (C). Move the glass towards the windshield pillar weatherstripping until it properly seats in the stripping. Retighten the bolts (C).

Glass Too Far Outboard or Inboard

Loosen bolts (D & E). Move the top edge of the glass inboard until it is properly seated against the roof rail weatherstrip. Tighten the bolts (D). Move the felt weatherstrip against the window. Tighten bolts (E).

Window Rolls Down Too Far

Loosen screw (F) and roll the glass down until the top edge is flush with the outer panel. Move the stop to contact the window roller. Retighten the screw (F).

Glass is Out of Blow-Out Clip with Door Closed

Loosen bolt (D). Move the channel outboard, then tighten and check position. Readjust to optimum position for glass running on weatherstrip.