GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide

Rear End Alignment



The rear wheel camber adjustment is made by rotating the eccentric cam and bolt assembly that connects the strut rod to the differential carrier bracket. Loosen the locknut and turn the eccentric cam bolt until the correct wheel camber angle is obtained. Secure the locknut and tighten to 55-77 ft. lbs.


1 / 64 in., 1 / 32 in., 1 / 8 in., and 1 / 4 in. sizes.

To make this adjustment, remove the pivot bolt and position the torque arm so that the correct toe-in specifications are achieved. Insert shims in the gap nearest the car centerline between the bushing and the frame inner wall. Use shims of only the thickness required to bridge the gap. Do not overshim or force the shims during the adjusting. Insert shims in the outside gap until solidarity is reached between the pivot bushing and the frame walls. Insert the bolt, torque the nut to 50 ft. lbs., and install a cotter pin.

Rear wheel toe-in is adjusted by the placement of shims of different thickness on both sides of the control arm pivot bushings. These shims are available in