GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide

Warning System



The seat belt warning system consists of lap belt retractor switches, a pressure-sensitive switch underneath the right-hand front passenger's seat, a warning lamp and a buzzer.

On manual transmission-equipped cars, the circuit is wired through the ignition switch, the parking brake warning light switch, and a relay, which is located between the instrument cluster wiring and the switch on the parking brake. A diode is used to prevent feedback into the parking brake warning circuit.

On cars having automatic transmissions, the seat belt warning circuit is wired trough the ignition switch and the combination back-up lamp/neutral safety switch.

With the ignition key in the RUN position, a weight of 40-50 lbs. on the driver's or passenger's seat pressure-sensitive switch) energizes the circuit when the parking brake is released (M/T) or the gear selector placed in a forward drive range (A/T).

A warning light will glow and a buzzer will sound with the circuit energized, unless the seat belts are withdrawn from the retractors and fastened over the laps of the two outboard front seat occupants.