GM Corvette 1963-1982 Repair Guide

Steering Linkage


See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: View of the steering linkage mounting-1963-67 vehicles

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Fig. Fig. 2: Steering linkage components-1968-82 vehicles

The Corvette has two tie-rods. Each rod is a three-piece assembly made up of the rod itself and two tie-rod ends. The ends screw onto the rod and are clamped in place. Right- and left-hand threads are used to assist toe-in and centering adjustments. The ends are self-adjusting and, with the exception of periodic lubrication, require no servicing.

ADJUSTMENTS Relay Arm Ball Joint

  1. Remove the cotter pin and adjust the end plug slot clockwise until the inside springs are bottomed.
  3. Turn the plug 3 / 4 -turn counterclockwise and reinsert the cotter pin.

Steering Ratio

  1. Two-position steering arms permit an adjustment for quicker steering. Do not make this adjustment on Corvettes equipped with power steering, as frame interference will result.
  3. Disconnect the tie-rod ball joint stud from the steering arm.
  5. Insert the stud in the forward hole for a quick steering ratio, or the rear hole for a slower ratio.
  7. Install the nut and cotter pin. Repeat this operation on the opposite side.
  9. Reset the toe-in after a steering ratio adjustment.