GM Corvette 1984-1996 Repair Guide

Camshaft Covers



5.7L (VIN J) Engine

See Figure 1

Right Cover
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Drain the engine coolant into a suitable container.
  5. Tag and disconnect the spark plug wires from the spark plugs.
  7. Detach the electrical connector from the blower motor resistor block.
  9. Unfasten the screws securing the evaporator housing quarter panel and panel from the vehicle.
  11. Remove the oil pressure sensor from the oil filter housing.
  13. Unfasten the bolt retaining the coolant outlet to the injector housing, then position the outlet aside.
  15. Remove the upper EGR pipe bolts and pipe.
  17. Remove the bolt securing the fresh air pipe bracket to the injector housing.
  19. Unfasten the camshaft cover-to-cylinder head, then remove the cover from the head.
  21. Thoroughly clean the cylinder head and cover mating surfaces.
  23. Inspect the foam inserts for contamination. Remove the inserts and clean or replace them as necessary.
  25. Check the secondary chain top guide wear strips.(1.0mm).To check the strips, you must remove the wear strip from the guide located inside the cover at the front. Remove the screws and guide from the camshaft cover. No wear groove should exceed a depth of 0.040 in. After checking, install the guide and screws. Apply Loctite® 262 to the screws and tighten to 53 inch lbs. (6 Nm). Install the wear strip onto the guide.

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Fig. Fig. 1: It is essential to tighten the camshaft cover bolts in the proper sequence-5.7L (VIN J) engine

To install:
  1. Apply Permabond® A136 or equivalent to the camshaft cover. Apply Loctite® 565 to the end plugs. Make sure the camshaft end plugs and new spark plug bore O-rings are in place before installing the cover.
  3. Install the camshaft cover and bolts. To be sure the camshaft operates properly, the cover retainers MUST be tightened to the following specifications, in the sequence shown in the accompanying figure:
    1. Tighten the 24 M8 bolts to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm), 3 tim