GM Cutlass RWD 1970-1987 Repair Guide

Front Wheel Bearings



  1. Remove the front wheel and caliper assembly. Do not allow the caliper to hang by it's hose, secure it with a length of wire.
  3. Remove the hub bearing cup and the cotter pin.
  5. Remove the castellated nut and washer, then remove the outer bearing race and hub assembly.
  7. Pry the seal from the hub, then remove the inner roller bearing assembly.
  9. To replace the inner or outer bearing race, insert a brass drift into the hub, indexing the end of the drift with the notches in the hub and tap with a hammer.

To install:
  1. Clean off any grease from the hub and spindle.
  3. Drive the new inner and outer bearing races into the hub. Use tools J-8092 and J-8850 for the inner race and tools J-8092 and J-8457 for the outer race or their equivalent.
  5. Use an approved high temperature front wheel bearing grease. Do not mix greases as this can change the properties and lead to poor performance.
  7. Apply a thin film of grease to the spindle at the outer bearing seat and at the inner bearing seat, shoulder, and seal seat.
  9. Put a small quantity of grease inboard of each bearing cup in the hub. This can be applied with your finger, forming a dam to provide extra grease availability to the bearing and to keep thinned grease from flowing out of the bearing.
  11. Fill the bearing cone and roller assemblies full of grease. Work the grease thoroughly into the bearings between the rollers, cone and the cage. Failure to do so could result in premature bearing failure.
  13. Place the inner bearing cone and roller assembly in the hub. Then, using your finger, put an additional amount of grease outboard of the bearing.
  15. Install a new seal using a large socket or flat plate until the seal is flush with the hub. Apply force only on the outer edge of the seal, not on the rubber portion. Lubricate the seal lip with a thin layer of grease.
  17. Carefully install the rotor and hub assembly. Place the outer cone and roller assembly in the outer bearing cup. Install the washer and nut and initially tighten the nut to 12 ft. lbs (16 Nm) while turning the wheel assembly forward by hand. Put an additional quantity of grease outboard of the bearing. This provides extra grease availability to the bearing.
  19. Adjust the wheel bearings according to the procedures in General Information & Maintenance .