GM Cutlass RWD 1970-1987 Repair Guide

1975-76 V6 & V8 Engines


Idle speed and mixture must be set with the engine at normal operating temperature, the air conditioner OFF, the air cleaner on, and the transmission in Drive.

  1. Set the parking brake and block the wheels.
  3. Disconnect the evaporative emission hose at the air cleaner. Disconnect and plug the distributor vacuum line at the distributor. Disconnect and plug the EGR vacuum line at the EGR valve on all 1976 V6s.
  5. Adjust the idle speed to that specification in the Tune Up Specifications chart. First adjust the idle speed screw with the solenoid disconnect to get the lower speed, then adjust the solenoid screw with the solenoid connect to get the higher speed on models so equipped. If there is no solenoid, adjust he idle speed with the idle speed screw.
  7. Cut the tabs off the mixture screw caps then turn them out to obtain the maximum idle speed.
  9. Using the solenoid screw (if equipped), or the idle speed screw, adjust the idle speed to the higher speed specified on the underhood sticker, which is usually 60-100 rpm above the normal idle speed.
  11. Turn in the mixture screws equally until the engine returns to the normal idle speed. On the V6, reset the idle speed with the solenoid de-energized, if necessary.
  13. Reconnect all the hoses removed in Step 2.