GM Cutlass RWD 1970-1987 Repair Guide



The 3-speed transmission is a Saginaw unit. The standard 4-speed transmission in all models is also a Saginaw unit. The optional heavy-duty 4-speed offered in the Cutlass through 1973 is a Muncie transmission. On the Saginaw, all three shift rods go to levers on the side cover, while on the Muncie, one rod (reverse) goes to a lever on the case extension housing.

The 5-speed transmission is the Warner T-50 unit. There is no shift linkage adjustment necessary or possible on the GM 70mm 4-speed or the Warner T-50 5-speed.

Please refer to the Capacities chart found in General Information & Maintenance for approximate manual transmission refill capacities.

No manual transmission was offered since 1982.