GM Cutlass RWD 1970-1987 Repair Guide

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve



Inline & V6 Engines

The PCV valve is located in the right hand valve cover on inline 6 and V6 engines through 1980. On 1981 and later engines, it is located in the rear of the intake manifold.

V8 Engines

The PCV valve is located in one of the two valve covers its position depends on the engine. Replace the PCV valve every 30,000 miles (48,000 km). The PCV filter, located in the air cleaner, is replaced when the air cleaner element is replaced.

For further details on PCV valve operation see Emission Controls .


See Figure 1

  1. Remove the PCV system components, filler cap, PCV valve, hoses, fittings, etc. from the engine.
  3. Clean all the hoses with solvent and a brush if necessary. Wash the breather cap in solvent and shake it dry. Do not blow it dry with compressed air. Damage will result.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The PCV valve is removed from the engine by pulling straight out

  1. PCV valves cannot be cleaned. Install a new PCV valve, reinstall all the hoses and fittings removed earlier.