GM: Electra/Park Avenue/Ninety-Eight 1990-1993

Static Electricity Precautions


When handling a part that has an `esd-sensitive' sticker, warning of Electrostatic Discharge (it looks like a hand inside a black triangle with a white stripe through it), follow these guidelines to reduce any possible buildup of electrostatic charge:

If replacing a part that has the sticker, do not open the package until just prior to installation. Before removing the part from its package, ground the package to a good ground on the car.
Avoid touching any portion of the component, except possibly its casing. Especially avoid touching any electrical parts (i.e. soldered joints, terminals, printed circuit boards) of the component.
Always touch a good ground before handling a part with the sticker. This should be repeated while handling the part; do it more often when sliding across the seat, sitting from the standing position, or after walking.