GM: Electra/Park Avenue/Ninety-Eight 1990-1993



Some vehicles are equipped with the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (sir) or Air Bag system. The sir system must be disabled before performing service on or around sir system components, steering column, instrument panel components, wiring and sensors. Failure to follow safety and disabling procedures could result in accidental air bag deployment, unnecessary sir system repairs, and above all, possible personal injury.


Several precautions must be observed when handling the inflator module to avoid accidental deployment and possible personal injury.

Wear eye and skin protection (i.e. goggles, gloves, etc.) when working with sir components.
Do not carry the inflator module by the wires or connector on the underside of the module.
When carrying a live inflator module, hold securely with both hands, and ensure that the bag and trim cover are pointed away from you.
Place the inflator module in a safe location that is clean and dry and will not reach temperatures above 130°F. Place with the bag and trim cover facing up.
Do not place anything on or close to the module which may cause deployment or be thrown in the event of an accidental deployment.