GM Full-Size Trucks 1970-1979 Repair Guide




Column Shift

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Three-speed column shift linkage adjustment. Note the gauge pin for aligning the shift levers

  1. Place the column lever in the Neutral position.
  3. Under the truck, loosen the shift rod clamps. These are at the bottom of the column on 1970-72 models, and at the transmission for 1973 and later vehicles.
  5. Make sure that the two levers on the transmission are in their center, Neutral positions.
  7. Install a 3 / 16 - 7 / 32 in. pin or drill bit through the alignment holes in the levers at the bottom of the steering column. This holds these levers in the Neutral position.
  9. Tighten the shift rod clamps.
  11. Remove the pin and check the shifting operation.

Floor Shift

See Figure 2

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Fig. Fig. 2: Three and four speed floor shift linkages, showing the gauge pin holes for adjustment

Place the shift lever in neutral. A 0.249-0.250 in. gauge pin must fit freely through the shifter levers (see illustration) in the Neutral position. A 1 / 4 in. or D size (0.249 in.) drill bit will work here. Adjust the linkage at the point shown until the gauge pin fits properly. Check adjustment by operating the shift lever through every gear shift combination.