GM Full-Size Trucks 1970-1979 Repair Guide

Auxiliary Spring



This procedure applies to 1970-72 models only.

  1. Remove all tension from the spring before attempting to remove it. Be certain that the spring leaf does not contact the bumper on the control arm.
  3. Pull the cotter pin from the spring retaining bolt and then remove the nut. Remove the spring from the frame bracket.
  5. If you are removing the contact bumper, support the axle with a jack, remove the U-bolts, and remove the bumper.

To install:
  1. Place the spring bumper between the control arm and the axle housing. Make certain that the holes in the spring bracket are aligned with those in the control arm. Place the shock absorber bracket on the underside of the control arm. Place the U-bolt over the axle and through the auxiliary spring control arm and shock absorber bracket. Tighten the U-bolt retaining nuts alternately to 150 ft. lbs. (203 Nm).
  3. Position the auxiliary spring assembly in the frame bracket so that the free end of the spring is above the bumper and aligned with the spring-to-bracket bolt holes. Place the bolt and washer through the top side of the bracket and then install the nut and washer on the bolt. The nut should be tightened to 370 ft. lbs. (501 Nm). Install the cotter pin.