GM Full Size Vans 1967-1986 Repair Guide




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Fig. Fig. 1: View of the clutch pedal free-play adjustment

This adjustment is for the amount of clutch pedal free travel before the throwout bearing contacts the clutch release fingers. It is required periodically to compensate for clutch lining wear. Incorrect adjustment will cause gear grinding and clutch slippage or wear.

If you have a problem with grinding when shifting into gear, shorten the pedal stop bumper to3/8in. (9.5mm) and readjust the linkage.

  1. Disconnect the clutch fork return spring at the fork on the clutch housing.
  3. Loosen the outer adjusting nut ( A ) and back it off approximately 1 / 2 in. (12.7mm) from the swivel.
  5. Hold the clutch fork pushrod against the fork to move the throwout bearing against the clutch fingers. The pushrod will slide through the swivel at the cross-shaft.
  7. Adjust the inner adjusting nut ( B ) to obtain 3 / 16 - 1 / 4 in. (4.76-6.35mm) clearance between nut ( B ) and the swivel. The clearance should be 1 / 4 in. (6.35mm) for 1973 and later models.
  9. Release the pushrod, connect the return spring and tighten the outer nut ( A ) to lock the swivel against the inner nut ( B ).
  11. Check the free travel at the pedal and readjust as necessary. It should be 3 / 4 -1 in. (19-25mm) through 1973 and 1 1 / 4 -1 1 / 2 in. (32-38mm) starting in 1974.