GM Full Size Vans 1967-1986 Repair Guide

Catalytic Converter



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Fig. Fig. 1: View of a catalytic converter mounting-G series

Be very careful when working on or near the converter. External temperatures can reach +1,500°F (+816°C) and more, causing severe burns. Removal or installation should only be performed on a cold exhaust system.

Remove bolts at the flange at the rear end. Then, loosen nuts and remove U-clamp to remove the catalyst. Slide the catalyst out of the outlet pipe. Replace all ring seals. In some cases, you'll have to disconnect an air line coming from the engine compartment before catalyst removal. In some cases, a hanger supports the converter via one of the flange bolts. Make sure the hanger gets properly reconnected. Also, be careful to retain all parts used to heat shield the converter and reinstall them. Make sure the converter is replaced for proper direction of flow and air supply connections.