GM Full Size Vans 1987-1997 Repair Guide

Fusible Links


In addition to fuses, the wiring harness incorporates fusible links (in the battery feed circuits) to protect the wiring. Fusible links are 4 in. (102mm) sections of copper wire, 4 gauges smaller than the circuit(s) they are protecting, designed to melt under electrical overload. There are 4 different gauge sizes used. The fusible links are color coded so that they may be installed in their original positions.


See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: New fusible links are spliced and soldered to the wire

Fusible links are usually located in the following circuits. Refer to the wiring diagrams for specific fusible link information.

ECM circuit
Air conditioning blower circuit
Fuel pump circuit
Ignition switch circuit
Alternator circuit

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Fig. Fig. 2: A typical fusible link circuit