GM Lumina/Grand Prix/Cutlass Supreme/Regal 1988-1996

Alternator Precautions


To prevent damage to the on-board computer, alternator, and regulator, the following precautions must be taken when working with the electrical system.

If the battery is removed for any reason, make sure it is reconnected with the correct polarity. Reversing the battery connections may result in damage to the one-way rectifiers. Always check the battery polarity visually. This is to be done before any connections are made to be sure that all of the connections correspond to the battery ground polarity.
When utilizing a booster battery as a starting aid, always connect the positive-to-positive terminals and the negative terminals from the booster battery to a good engine ground on the vehicle being started.
Never use a fast charger as a booster to start vehicles.
Disconnect the battery cables when charging the battery with a fast charger; the charger has a tendency to force current through the diodes in the opposite direction for which they were designed. This burns out the diodes.
Make sure the ignition switch if OFF when connecting or disconnecting any electrical component, especially on cars with any on-board computer system.
Never attempt to polarize the alternator.
Do not use test lights of more than 12 volts when checking diode continuity.
Do not short across or ground any of the alternator terminals.
The polarity of the battery, alternator and regulator must be matched and considered before making any electrical connections within the system.
Never separate the alternator on an open circuit. Make sure all connections within the circuit are clean and tight.
Disconnect the battery ground terminal when performing any service on electrical components.
Disconnect the battery if arc welding is to be done on the vehicle.