GM Lumina/Grand Prix/Cutlass Supreme/Regal 1988-1996

Clearing Codes


The trouble codes in EBCM memory are erased in one of two ways:

  1. Tech 1®"Clear Codes'' selection.
  3. Ignition cycle default.

These two methods are detailed below. Be sure to verify proper system operation and absence of codes when clearing procedure is completed. The EBCM will not permit code clearing until all of the codes have been displayed. Also, codes cannot be cleared by unplugging the EBCM, disconnecting the battery cables, or turning the ignition OFF (except on an ignition cycle default).


Select F2 for trouble codes. After codes have been viewed completely, Tech 1®will ask, "CLEAR ABS CODES''; ANSWER "YES.'' Tech 1®will then read, "DISPLAY CODE HIST. DATA-'' "LOST'' if the codes have been cleared or "NO'' to clear the codes. Answer "NO'' and codes will be cleared.


If no diagnostic fault code occurs for 100 drive cycles (a drive cycle occurs when the ignition is turned ON and the vehicle is driven faster than 10 mph or 16 km/h), any existing fault codes are cleared from the EBCM memory.