GM Lumina/Grand Prix/Cutlass Supreme/Regal 1988-1996

Interior Trim Panels



If you are going to remove pieces of interior plastic trim, it's best to heat the interior of the car first; this makes the plastic soften slightly and will help prevent possible breakage.

Many of the attaching screws and pins are hidden by plugs, caps, etc, and if screws aren't present, then the piece is most likely held by clips or the like. Ornamental plugs or caps can be removed with light prying action. Don't force anything: if the trim piece isn't coming OFF, it's because you have missed an attaching point somewhere. Most attaching hardware is located around the perimeter or near the center of the piece. Don't forget to reinstall the ornamental plug or cap that hides the screw when the part is put back in place.

Also, some moldings cannot be removed without first removing an adjacent molding. It may seem like more work than necessary, but if you force something that isn't meant to come out before another piece is removed, something is bound to break, and interior moldings are expensive and usually not kept in stock at your local dealership. If seat belts are in the way, be sure to properly tighten the fasteners when reinstalling.