GM S-Series Pick-ups and SUV's 1994-1999 Repair Guide

Fuel Pressure Relief


Prior to servicing any component of the fuel injection system, the fuel pressure must be relieved. If fuel pressure is not relieved, serious injury could result.

To reduce the chance of personal injury when disconnecting a fuel line, always cover the fuel line with cloth to collect escaping fuel, then place the cloth in an approved container.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Loosen fuel filler cap to relieve fuel tank pressure.
  5. The internal constant bleed feature of the Model 220 TBI unit relieves fuel pump system pressure when the engine is turned OFF . Therefore, no further action is required.

Allow the engine to sit for 5-10 minutes; this will allow the orifice (in the fuel system) to bleed off the pressure.

  1. When fuel service is finished, tighten the fuel filler cap and connect the negative battery cable.