GM S10/S15/Sonoma Pick-Ups 1982-1993 Repair Manual

Side Window - Extended Cab




The following procedure requires the use of a urethane glass sealant remover (hot knife) such as No. J-24709-1, and a glass sealant remover knife such as No. J-24402-A, or equivalents.

  1. Remove the upper quarter trim molding.
  3. Remove the retaining clips.

If the glass is cracked, it should be crisscrossed with masking tape to reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle. If a crack extends to the edge of the glass, mark the cab with a piece of chalk at the point where the crack meets the cab; this will aid the inspection later.

  1. Working from inside the vehicle, use a urethane glass sealant remover (hot knife) or the glass sealant remover knife to separate the window glass and molding.
  3. Remove the molding and the glass from the window frame.
  5. Using a scraper or a chisel, remove the adhesive from the pinchweld flange; be sure to remove all of the mounds or loose adhesive.
  7. Using alcohol and a clean cloth, clean the pinchweld flange. Allow the alcohol to air dry.
  9. Using the pinchweld primer, found in the service kit, apply it to the pinchweld area. DO NOT let any of the primer touch the exposed paint for damage to the finish may occur; allow five minutes for the primer to dry.
  11. Apply a smooth continuous bead of adhesive around the molding edge. Be sure that the adhesive contacts the entire edge of the molding and extends to fill the gap between the glass and the primed sheet metal.
  13. Using hand pressure, press the glass/molding assembly onto the pinchweld flange. Using retaining clips, secure the glass/molding assembly to the pinchweld.
  15. Spray a mist of warm or hot water onto the urethane. Water will assist in the curing process. Dry the area where the reveal molding will contact the body and glass.


See Figure 1

The following procedure requires the use of a pin punch and a mallet.

  1. Using a pin punch and a mallet, drive the pin from the latch assembly.
  3. Remove the glass-to-hinge retaining screws and the glass from the vehicle.
  5. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of a common latched side window mounting-extended cab models