GM Storm/Spectrum 1985-1993 Repair Guide

Chassis Greasing


For most vehicles covered by this guide, the steering and suspension joints are sealed at the factory and do not require any form of periodic lubrication. Some earlier models may contain joints with grease fittings. If present, a grease fitting should be lubed once a year using a suitable chassis grease and grease gun.

At least annually, the transaxle shift linkage may be lubricated with chassis grease for manual transaxles or engine oil for automatic transaxles. Also annually or whenever squeaking should occur, the clutch pedal bushing, clevis pin and clutch control cable ends should be lubricated using chassis grease.

For all Spectrums and 1990 Storms, the parking brake cable guides should be lubricated annually using chassis grease. Do not lubricate the parking brake cables on 1991 and later Storm vehicles as this will destroy the protective plastic coating on the cables.