GM Storm/Spectrum 1985-1993 Repair Guide

Spark Plug Wires


See Figure 1

Visually inspect the spark plug wires for burns, cuts or breaks in the insulation. Check the spark plug boots and the distributor tower connectors. Replace any damaged wiring. Using an ohmmeter, check the resistance of the wires with no spark present. Wire resistance should be below 15,000 Ohms. For the Spectrum, refer to the figure for wire resistance specifications.

When installing a new set of spark plug wires, replace the wires one at a time so there will be no mix-up. Start by replacing the longest cable first. Install the boot firmly over the spark plug. Route the wire exactly the same as the original. Connect the wire tower connector to the distributor. Repeat the process for each wire. Be sure to apply silicone dielectric compound to the spark plug wire boots and tower connectors prior to installation.

If at any time all of the wires must be disconnected from the spark plugs or from the distributor at the same time, be sure to tag the wires to assure proper reconnection.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Spark plug wire resistance specifications - Spectrum