GrandCaravan 2008

Quick-Learn Procedure


The quick learn procedure requires the use of the scan tool. This program allows the (PCM) to recalibrate itself. This will provide the best possible transaxle operation.

The Quick Learn Procedure should be performed if any of the following procedures are performed:

Transaxle Assembly Replacement
PCM Replacement
Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly Replacement
Clutch Plate and/or Seal Replacement
Valve Body Replacement or Recondition

To perform the Quick Learn Procedure, the following conditions must be met:

The brakes must be applied
The engine speed must be above 500 RPM
The throttle angle must be less than 3°
The shift lever must stay in the called out position until prompted to shift to overdrive
The shift lever position must stay in overdrive after the Shift to Overdrive prompt until the DRBIII® indicates the procedure is complete
The calculated oil temperature must be 60-200° F (16-93° C)

  1. Plug the scan tool into the diagnostic connector. The connector is located under the instrument panel.
  3. Go to the Transmission screen.
  5. Go to the Miscellaneous screen.
  7. Select Quick Learn Procedure. Follow the instructions of the scan tool to perform the Quick Learn Procedure.