H3 2006



When performing service on or near the SIR components or the SIR wiring, the SIR system must be disabled. Failure to observe the correct procedure could cause deployment of the SIR components. Serious injury can occur. Failure to observe the correct procedure could also result in unnecessary SIR system repairs.

The inflatable restraint Sensing And Diagnostic Module (SDM) maintains a reserved energy supply. The reserved energy supply provides deployment power for the air bags if the SDM loses battery power during a collision. Deployment power is available for as much as 1 minute after disconnecting the vehicle power. Waiting 1 minute before working on the system after disabling the SIR system prevents deployment of the air bags from the reserved energy supply.

The following are general service instructions which must be followed in order to properly repair the vehicle and return it to its original integrity:

Do not expose inflator modules to temperatures above 65°C (150°F).
Verify the correct replacement part number. Do not substitute a component from a different vehicle.
Use only original GM replacement parts available from your authorized GM dealer. Do not use salvaged parts for repairs to the SIR system.

Discard any of the following components if it has been dropped from a height of 3 feet (91 cm) or greater:

Inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM)
Any Inflatable restraint air bag module
Inflatable restraint steering wheel module coil
Any Inflatable restraint sensor
Inflatable restraint seat belt pretensioners
Inflatable restraint Passenger Presence System (PPS) module or sensor