H3 2006

Engine Coolant


Specific to:

Hummer H3 2006-2010

Engine coolant is the key element of the heating system. The engine thermostat controls the normal engine operating coolant temperature. The thermostat also creates a restriction for the cooling system that promotes a positive coolant flow and helps prevent cavitation. Coolant enters the heater core through the inlet heater hose, in a pressurized state. The heater core is located inside the HVAC module. The ambient air drawn through the HVAC module absorbs the heat of the coolant flowing through the heater core. The HVAC module distributes heated air to the passenger compartment for consistent passenger comfort. Opening or closing the HVAC module temperature door controls the amount of heat delivered to the passenger compartment. The coolant exits the heater core through the return heater hose and is recirculated back through the engine cooling system.