H3 2006



Remove all the air from the hydraulic brake system anytime the hydraulic brake system is opened for repair. The entire bleeding procedure must be followed. Failure to remove all the air in the hydraulic brake system will result in reduced braking performance and possible personal injury.

Avoid taking the following actions when you service wheel brake parts:

Do not grind brake linings.
Do not sand brake linings.
Do not clean wheel brake parts with a dry brush or with compressed air.

Some models or aftermarket brake parts may contain asbestos fibers which can become airborne in dust. Breathing dust with asbestos fibers may cause serious bodily harm. Use a water-dampened cloth in order to remove any dust on brake parts. Equipment is available commercially in order to perform this washing function. These wet methods prevent fibers from becoming airborne.

Brake fluid may irritate eyes and skin. In case of contact, take the following actions:

Eye contact-rinse thoroughly with water.
Skin contact-wash with soap and water.
If ingested-consult a physician immediately.