Honda Accord/Civic/Prelude 1973-1983 Repair Guide

Back-Up Light Switch/Neutral Safety Switch



See Figure 1

On automatic transaxle vehicles, both the function of the reverse lamps and the neutral safety switch is controlled by the shift position switch at the base of the shift selector assembly. To repalce the shift position switch, firmly set the parking brake and block the wheels. Place the shift selector in Neutral. Remove the console. The shift switch is located on the side of the shift selector, held by 2 bolts or nuts. Disconnect the wiring connector, then remove the switch. When installing the switch, make sure the switch silder is positioned to align with the shifter arm or tab. Install the switch, tighten the retaining nuts or bolts and connect the wiring. Reinstall the console.

After installing the switch, check that the engine starts only in Park or Neutral. The starter should not engage with the shifter in any other position. Check also that the back-up lights (reverse lights) come on when the selector is placed in Reverse.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Shift position switch assembly