Honda Accord/Civic/Prelude 1973-1983 Repair Guide



On the 1170cc and 1237cc models, a 2-bbl downdraft Hitachi carburetor is used. Fuel pressure is provided by a camshaft driven mechanical fuel pump. A replaceable fuel filter is located in the engine compartment inline between the fuel pump and carburetor.

On the 1335cc, 1487cc and 1600cc Civic, Accord, 1751cc Accord and Prelude, a Keihin 3-bbl carburetor is used. On this carburetor, the primary and second venturi's deliver a lean air/fuel mixture to the main combustion chamber. Simultaneously, the third or auxiliary venturi which has a complete separate fuel metering circuit, delivers a small (in volume) but very rich air/fuel mixture to the precombustion chamber. Fuel pressure is provided by an electric fuel pump which is actuated when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position. The electric pump is located under the rear seat beneath a special access plate on sedan and hatchback models, and located under the rear of the vehicle adjacent to the fuel tank on station wagon and Accord models. A replaceable inline fuel filter located on the inlet side of the electric fuel pump is used on all later models.

On the 1829cc Prelude model twin Keihin 2-bbl sidedraft carburetors are used. Fuel pressure is supplied from an electric pump mounted near the left rear tire.